British University in Egypt

I hope you find the information on the BUE Website helpful whether you are a registered student, a prospective student, a visitor, or a friend.

Top British universities have a worldwide reputation for educational excellence and for high standards of learning and research.
BUE brings the best of British higher education to Egypt and the Middle East. BUE offers a unique educational experience that brings the resources found at major research universities together with personal care for every student.

BUE is a research-led university, where research plays an important role not only in the advancement of knowledge, but also in solving relevant problems that face the Egyptian and international communities. BUE aims to provide an academic environment which encourages and draws together research, learning and teaching and to provide a broad student experience, producing graduates equipped with the tools enabling them to continue learning and developing throughout their careers.

Besides the currently offered undergraduate degree programmes in Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Engineering, Informatics & Computer Science, and Nursing, BUE plans to offer programmes in Arts & Humanities, Education and Communication & Media studies.
The greatest and most rewarding investment that parents can make is to provide their sons and daughters with the best possible education.

The BUE offers both an education that matches that of top universities in the UK and degrees that are accredited in Egypt and at the same time validated in the UK.
I wish you success in your education and life.

BUE President